Why do we work?

Over the past couple of month, I have traveled all around Asia.

It was time for me to get away from it all and enjoy spending time with… well, myself! I felt so free with no obligations to to anything at all. I gave me plenty of time to explore me and what I was interested in.

Something that my travel didn’t feel like was a vacation. Not at all!

Not sure how everyone reading this would react, but for me… I felt so liberated, that I just had to start doing stuff!

I don’t like to lay back and hang out in the sun or go shopping like a lot of my friends… I’m weird that way.

So I went online and started searching for adventures.

I don’t want to go in-depth on the things I did, but would love to cover the more broader picture and how I felt while doing things every day.

Mostly touristy and adventurous, but I went the local route and hired a guy from a travel agency office down the street to take me around.

This was in Hong Kong and my place was in a district called Kowloon.

We averaged an activity or 2 a day, and every day we had lunch at a different local joint, I paid for my new friend of course. Their salaries are nothing compared to the U.S.

Tai, was my “local guide” per se and you know what??? He’s pretty darn good at it!

Everywhere we went was a totally new experience in a completely new way. Fun and full of joy. I can’t even remember last time that I’ve met anyone with this much passion for their home town… Not that Hong Kong can even be called a town, but nevertheless…

On the 3rd day of being there, I ran into an old friend from Virginia Tech who now runs a tree service in Virginia Beach and decided to spend a day with him, his wife and their adorable baby girl named Taylor.

We did the very touristy stuff, since they had the baby with them all day, but it was still very fun!

Got to eat snake soup at one of the local cafe’s. Based on what the owners told us, snake meat is very nutritious and works well to heal joint and cartilage.

We also enjoyed some local “snake liquor” which is supposed to help with different types of coughs and intestinal diseases. Believe it or not, they put actual snake tail in each small bottle as well as a little bit of poison.

To my surprise, the alcohol was less expensive than the soup!

After lunch we went to a Buddhist show at a shrine and that was the end of our 3rd day.

The point that I really wanted to drive home in this post, is that often times what we do and what we LOVE does not add up and the feeling of that can stick with you for a while.

I highly recommend a getaway, but not just a trip to the beach, but a highly active (if your age and health permit) vacation.

Take 14 days off work to climb a mountain or go diving somewhere exotic. When your time off is spent with purpose, doing what you truly enjoy, the coming back and getting into the grind won’t be such a drag.

You’ll feel like you belong again!

Try it out for yourself and please, let me know how it felt!

I am always here if you have any questions and would love to help out and inspire in any way that I can.


Life as a human

Life is an amazing thing, especially when you’re human, wouldn’t you agree. We get to have and use all the benefits available to us, without going through most of the struggles.

Most creatures living on planet earth, are either hunting something while being hunted or simply living till someone or something eats them up aka being hunted, while feeding on plants. As human beings in terms of humanity, as a whole, we mostly hunt, sometimes even as a source of entertainment, and are rarely hunted.

When it comes to killing, it’s different and a bit more complicated, but from the nature’s stand point, we aren’t being chased by other creatures. Isn’t that crazy?

Just think about it… All the fishing and farming that’s done each day, the quantities killed are just overwhelming! Why do we and other creatures hunt? In order not to starve, right? So how come we’re the only species that is dominating in that and many other spheres? The answer is simple… We think, analyze and have been evolving for ages to become what we are today!

Here’s the tough part as well as a responsibility for the dominating species… Control the population and variety of others.

Since we are ruling the globe, in a way, it is our direct responsibility to keep it clean and promote the progress of evolution for other species. But have we actually been doing so? I think not! Every day, we’re destroying mother nature by dumping toxic waste in many forms into the atmosphere. There is a reason solar panels and electric cars are becoming more and more popular. It’s because they are one hundred percent natural.

So why aren’t we funding this?

Well, it’s not profitable for all the established oil companies who’ve built empires and control by supplying and processing oil, which we all need. Same goes for all coal companies, which nine times out of ten are owned by the same people. Ever heard of the top 1%? Yup, those ones. Anyways…

All of us are ultimately responsible for keeping the planet clean, safe and take care of all creatures who reside on it. Here are a few ways to do just that:

1. Use alternate energy sources

Whenever possible, use nontraditional energy sources that do not require any type of burning to acquire them. Start by equipping your home, office and car.

2. Recycle

Nowadays, everyone preaches recycling, but not too many people actually do it, unless it’s strictly enforced by the state. It can actually be a very tidious thing to do and can be hard to get used to. Personally, I think that it’s a great test for you to figure out how devoted you really are to keeping this planet clean. To recycle is a choice, and it’s the one you’ll eventually have to make.

3. Promote Green

Be sure to do your research on all the green options and alternatives out there, practice them for yourself, your family and make sure to spread the word.

Everyone has to contribute in order for the planet to succeed. Please like an share this post with your friends and help spread the awareness.

Special thanks to our friends in Virginia Beach. Their asphalt paving company has been supporting us for quite a few years now and we appreciate all of it.

Living The Life